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Veg-E Mail is the free electronic newsletter of The Vegetarian Channel. We include regular veggie inspiration along with tasty seasonal vegetarian recipes, reviews of new products and restaurants and details of the latest competitions, samples and prizes available for vegetarians across the globe.

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Premium links allow you to display a prominent link to your website, complemented with a well crafted informative description of your website's services/products. By choosing to submit a Premium Link, you will automatically be listed at the top of the relevant category page your website fits into, ensuring that you obtain a competitive advantage over other listings.

What do the Premium Links look like?

All Premium links are listed at the top of the category sections and are visibly enhanced within our sponsored section.

What are the benefits of Premium Links?

How much do links cost?

Link Type Duration of Listing Cost
Premium Link 1 Year $99 (Approx €82)